The Software Engineering Program (SEP) gives students training and experience in computer programming, web development and game design at the middle and high school level. The SEP core curriculum covers languages such as Scratch, HTML/CSS, JavaScript and Python. Additional topics include electronics using the Arduino microcontroller, LEGO EV3 robotics, mobile app development, data science and 3D printing.

Below are links to the core SEP 6th and 9th grade public curriculum on the WeTeach platform. This is the introductory curriculum of the SEP program at each grade band and it doesn’t require students to have any prior programming knowledge. ¬†This curricula can be used beyond the Software Engineering Program and can be helpful for teachers with some training or experience in computer science education.

Middle School Sequence

Grade Level Term Topics Covered
6 Spring Computer programming with Scratch
6 Fall Web Design (HTML/CSS), Graphics, Databases, LEGO Robotics
7 Spring Scratch, Game Design with Gamestar Mechanic
7 Fall Physical Computing (Arduino), Audio/graphics, Web Design (HTML/CSS), Mobile app development with TouchDevelop
8 Spring Web design (HTML/CSS/Javascript), Python
8 Fall 3D Design, Creative Programming (Processing), Physical Computing (Arduino)

High School Sequence

Grade Level Term Topics Covered
9 Spring Digital literacy, Scratch, Robotics, Python
9 Fall Game Design (Gamestar Mechanic), Physical Computing (Arduino), Web Design (HTML/CSS/JS)
10 Spring Scratch, Creative Programming (Processing), Physical Computing (Arduino) and Processing integration
10 Fall Web design (HTML/CSS/JS), Databases, Networks, mobile app development with TouchDevelop
11 Spring Javascript for front end design and back-end development
11 Fall Javascript game design, 3D design
12 Spring Programming for the Web: p5.js
12 Fall Programming for the Web: p5.js