Elementary School

The application period for SEP Jr., renamed from the Elementary School Computer Science Pilot, for the 2016-17 school year is now closed.

Elementary School Computer Science Pilot

In September 2015, Mayor Bill de Blasio announced Computer Science for All (CS4All), an initiative that will provide Computer Science education to every public school student over the next ten years. The Department of Education’s first initiative to reach elementary students is SEP Jr., the elementary school component of the Software Engineering Program (SEP). The goals of the program are to increase the number of elementary school students, particularly from traditionally underrepresented groups, who learn computer science, and to develop students’ computational thinking and problem solving skills in real-world contexts.

Why Computer Science in Elementary School?

All students should have the opportunity to learn Computer Science (CS). Early exposure to CS is critical to addressing equity in technology education. SEP Jr. will help schools to introduce technology as a tool for creative expression and problem solving through the use of tablets, computers and robots. SEP Jr. will introduce students to fundamental CS topics that will prepare them for the transition to more advanced computing in middle and high school while developing skills that are useful across subject areas, such as collaboration and persistence.

SEP Jr. Cohort 1 Schools

02M217 Roosevelt Island School
06M048 P.O. Michael J. Buczek School
10×086 Kingsbridge Heights School
14K414 Brooklyn Arbor School
17K241 Emma L. Johnston School
20K682 The Academy of Talented Scholars
24Q058 School of Heroes
26Q031 The Bayside School
27Q254 The Rosa Parks School
29Q052 P.S. 052 Queens
31R861 Staten Island School of Civic Leadership

SEP Jr. Cohort 1 Map

Please contact sepjr@strongschools.nyc with questions.